We are fresh and innovative game development company, located in Cracow, Poland, focused on delivering the highest quality, challenging, casual games for the PC platform and mobile devices.


"We are a small dedicated team of creatives who strive to give their best on every project we get. "

Wawrzyniec Kraszewski – Programmer

Let's create something awesome together!

We specialize in adventure games with a deep storyline, focused on rewarding and immersive puzzles. We also put emphasis on the difficulty and challenging addictive gameplay mechanics, advanced realistic physics and excellent replayability.

Our main goal is to create original projects with unique magical memorable world of extraordinary places, lands, unusual characters, witchcraft and mysterious creatures.


We combine strategy, technology, innovation, our skills and passion to bring you fun.

Beautiful Design

Beautiful Design

Hand-crafting and mind-blowing, cartoon style graphics, made by talented people.

Excellent support

Excellent support

Unreal Engine 4 and amazing innovative Spine – game tools with limitless possibilities.

Intuitive controls

Intuitive controls

Puzzle solving, reflex based gameplay – all in a colorful, fairytale setting.



In every project we put our knowledge, skills, emotions, passions and heart.


We have been busy over the recent years. Here are some of our projects!

Currently we are concentrating on creating an adventure platform game called PALMI ®.

PALMI ® combines beautiful and thrilling storytelling, fairytale graphics and design, wonderful visuals and a perfectly polished graphic layout.


PALMI ® is a story-driven, action-adventure platform game.

The main goal is to find the pieces of a missing stone, hidden throughout many different land-specific items. As the player, you will have to overcome many obstacles and use your brain to complete your objective. You will witness many funny and unusual events. Along the way, you will be improving your skills, gaining new ones and strengthening the power of magic runes.

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Pixie, who in ancient times was a faithful servant of Europe, asks Flynn and Emma to help with finding the fragments of the stone and recovering their magical power.


A long time ago...

when the world was still a paradise, there lived a beautiful and just daughter of Agenor – Europe. She was known for her incredible gentleness and kindness. She was so noble, that she gave the pieces of a magic stone to the rulers of seven lands, which was supposed to give their people well being, happiness and prosperity. However, with time, the people defied Europe and abused the power of the stone to satisfy their own greed and vanity. Europe took away the pieces of the stone and hid them, hoping that one day a person with a pure heart will find them and use their power to help others. Year after year, the pieces of the stone remained unfound, and their powers waned over time.


The player must collect magic stones and treasures. This will grant him experience points and improve his skills. The player will also gain a larger pool of improvements and attributes and will advance to the next levels of the game. Experience points will be needed to boost the power of magic runes, which protect the player and help him advance: the runes of protection, speed and invisibility.

pod magicznym drzewkiem szkic

Some facts You should know!

Beautiful storyline

Beautiful storyline

Do not just sit there and press the buttons! Get invested in the story of Lady Europe, her loyal pixie helper and of course - our heroes.

Magical illustrations

Magical illustrations

Hand-painted graphic design, beautifully illustrated sceneries, bustling with life surroundings.

Challenging gameplay

Challenging gameplay

Running, jumping, crouching... every core mechanic a platform game should have.

Over half a dozen locations

Over half a dozen locations

Each split into levels with the very own setting and mood, characteristic for the place or time period where the action is located.



Lots of obstacles on your way, that will attempt to stop you from achieving your goal! Tons of puzzles to solve.



You can cast runic spells and magic yourself through those nasty obstacles.


Meet our heores and many interesting characters!


Concept art sketch


Concept art

Swamp monster

Concept art


Explore the fantastic world of exciting stories and befriend characters from magical lands!

koncept niemcy

You need additional information? Do not hesitate to ask.


Small Team, Big Firepower!

We are a young, creative and energetic team of video gamers and IT maniacs. Our team consists of skilled professionals and talented fresh blood: computer programmers, graphic designers, concept artists, illustrators and animators. We are constantly looking for new solutions and try out new ideas, experiment, and learn all the time. For each of us, creating video games is not only a job, but also a hobby and a passion in life.

Wawrzyniec Kraszewski

Programmer Unreal Engine 4

Rafał Niepiekło

Programmer Unreal Engine 4

Dagmara Darsicka

Concept artist, Illustrator, Cartoonist

Dominika Domańska-Zgrzeba

Illustrator, Graphic artist

Wojciech Łanda

Game designer

Katarzyna Dąbrowska

Koordynator merytoryczny & Specjalista ds. Public Relations


We are very fortunate to have worked with some truly amazing companies

While working on PALMI ®, we collaborated with the best partners in order to provide the highest quality product. We are using the specialized Unreal Engine 4® tool, which is used under a license from Epic Games, Inc. and Spine – an amazing animation tool using modern techniques. It guarantees the best features of the genre: incredible graphics and physics, amazing special effects, visual fidelity as well as dynamic intense gameplay.


Spine 2D animation brings video games alive!

Spine is an animation tool that focuses specifically on 2D animation for games.

Animation in Spine is done by attaching images to bones, then animating the bones. This is called skeletal or cutout animation and has numerous benefits over traditional, frame-by-frame animation.


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